Premium Quality Open Gear Lube


Our premium quality open gear lubricant is specially formulated to be applied by all methods: spray, oiling pinion, automatic lube systems, pick up transfer or by hand.

  • OGW's synthetic base requires no dilutents for pumping, coats gear surface with high film strength, water resistant, wear protection
  • Remains soft and pliable, during extended use and when exposed to elevated temperatures
  • OGW ability to resist squeeze out lowers the cost to lubricate
  • Reduce consumption and enhance your protection of your kiln's pinion and bull gear


Product Description:

Crescent Synthetic Open Gear Compound consists of high viscosity index synthetic fluid with an inorganic thicker with rust and oxidation inhibitors, extreme pressure additives, and solid film-forming components.  Crescent Synthetic Open Gear provides an adhesive, water repellant film to assure maximum shock load and gear tooth protection.



This product is specifically designed for application of the Pinion and Bull gears. Synthetic Open Gear Compound does not require diluents or heating for application and will not become hard and brittle on gear surfaces through use or heat exposure, resulting in reduced product consumption and a cleaner work environment. The synthetic base provides improved pumpability at low ambient temperatures compared to petroleum based compounds. It may be applied by brush, paddle or spray systems.


Typical Properties

Thickener/ Soap Inorganic
Dropping Point 500°F+
Consistency Grade NLGI-0
Timken OK Load 55 lbs.
Texture Tacky
Color Black


Test Parameters

Cone Penetration 355-385
Corrosion 24 hrs @212°F  
Copper Pass
Steel Pass
Aluminum Pass
Rust Inhibited Yes


Oil Properties

Viscosity @ 210°F 1000 SUS
Viscosity @ 40°C 8,115 cSt
Viscosity @ 100°C 196-233 cSt
Flash Point 400°F
Viscosity Index 118

These are typical specifications and are subject to manufacturing tolerances.