Graphite Blocks - Dry Graphite Technology for Trunnions


Composed of synthetic, lubricant quality graphite specifically designed to lubricate Trunnion Rolls, Riding Rings, Tires and Insert Seals on Rotary Kilns, Calciners and Dryers where a dry lubricant is needed.



  • Graphite Blocks simply ride against the rotating surface in a holder where the weight of the block deposits the graphite lubricant on the load-bearing surface.
  • Graphite Blocks are custom cut to your specific requirements in order to maximize the benefits and performance.
  • Maximizes graphite transference against load-bearing surface.
  • Ensures optimal performance in all pressures and temperatures.
  • Greatly reduces roller and tire wear


Our Graphite Blocks are composed from a unique carbon composition which is manufactured under the tightest internal controls. This makes for a highly consistent graphite that performs even in the most hostile environments.

Competitors' graphite blocks may utilize materials manufactured in other countries. Sometimes these imported materials contain inconsistent internal structures due to the lack of tightly controlled manufacturing processes. Premature wear of the graphite may result.

Graphite Block rides in Holder as it deposits the lubricants.