Easy Bar® SP (Sprayable Grease)


Protection for five wear zones with a single lubricant.


Easy Bar® SP (Spray) - Graphite Spray Lubrication for Rotary Kilns and Dryers

Combat wear of...

  1. Stop Blocks
  2. Inside Tire Bore
  3. Wear Pads
  4. Leaf Seals
  5. Thrust Button


 Easy Bar® SP (Spray) Product Guide


Easy Bar® SP (Spray) consists of a high auto-ignition point, synthetic thickener with organic and solid metallic, film-forming components.  Easy Bar® SP provides maximum protection from excessive wear, scoring, cold welding or galling. Easy Bar® SP is appropriate for application to surfaces that have extremely elevated temperatures.

Easy Bar® SP can be applied with portable or fixed applicators (see below). The product's high content of lubricating solids fills the surface imperfections resulting in a smoother surface, lower friction and less wear. The improved lubrication between filler bars and riding rings reduces weld fractures at filler bars and kiln shell interface, contributing to extended shell and refractory service.


Easy Bar® SP (Spray) Features Include:

easy bar lube being applied

  • Auto-Ignition point over 1000℉
  • 100% Lubricant Composition
  • Applies with Paint-on Precision & Accuracy
    • Evaporates Cleanly (No Sticky Residue)
  • No Mixing Required
    • Allows for Oiler to Apply at Safe Distance 
    • No Messy Application Procedures
    • No Blow-back Danger. No Flame-Ups No Clogged Spray Pumps 


Why Easy Bar® SP (Spray) for Rotary Kiln Tires?

  • Lubricate Difficult Areas with Ease: “Paint With Precision” areas where typical Easy Bar® use is impractical due to high Kiln RPM (4+) or areas unreachable by hand.
  • Quick and Simple! No mixing or preparation time needed.
  • 100% Lubricant Composition: Every ounce of Easy Bar® SP (Spray) is utilized for maximum lubrication.
  • Extend Kiln Life by 50%. Protects the kiln and stop blocks while eliminating breakage of filler bar welds.
  • Save Money on Maintenance! Reduces the wear that results from scoring of the inside bore of riding ring.
  • No Flame Ups! Auto-ignition point +1000℉ and 538℃.
  • Highest Quality for Fewer Applications: Typically, just 32 ounces applied (once a week) per tyre will provide a more superior lubrication than current methods.
  • Environmentally Safe! Easy Bar® SP (Spray) completely evaporates leaving no sticky residue, no waste and no harmful chemicals traces.
  • Easy To Apply! Easy Bar® SP (Spray) is applied with the pneumatically-operated Easy Bar® SP Applicator Gun or through an automated-lube system.


Easy Bar® SP (Spray) vs. Other Graphite Spray Methods

  Easy Bar® SP (Spray) Water/Oil Based Sprays
% Lubricant Composition



Mixing / Prep Time Required


20-30 Minutes

Auto-Ignition Point

+1000℉, +538℃

~500℉, ~260℃

Blow-Back Hazard & Clean-Up



Applications per Week



Application Time Required per Tire

1 Minute

20-30 minutes

Typically, just one application of 32 ounces of Easy Bar® SP (Spray) is needed per tire per week for superior lubrication.

Easy Bar® SP means no mixing time, no blowback, and no graphite-covered safety suits.


Applicators for Easy Bar® SP (Spray)

Introducing the latest innovation from Easy Bar Inc.

Lengthen Lance

  • Lengthen Lance to remove oiler from heat
  • Attaches to air-operated grease pump system
  • Apply-with-Precision Spray Pattern. Enhance Accuracy
  • Designed specifically for Easy Bar SP (Fully Compatible)


Ergonomic handle with molded grip for maneuverability for support and optimum control.

Quarter-Turn Ball Valve controls air flow to the spray nozzle.

Spray Nozzle creates “fan” spray pattern to apply Easy Bar® SP with precision and quantity control.


Applies Lubricant Evenly for Superior Coating


Pulse Application for Target-Specific Lubrication


Easy Bar® SP (Spray) Application with 25-T Applicator


Precise and Accurate Applications

Easy Bar® SP provides precise and accurate application resulting in no wasted material.

Superior lubricant applied precisely results in fewer applications needed per week.


Easy Bar® SP Power Luber

Electric Applicator GunThis Lincoln PowerLuber corded grease gun delivers 7500 PSI and high torque values, making it an excellent choice for automotive, farm, wind turbines and industrial applications. Variable speed trigger combines with 2-speed transmission for excellent flow control.

Easy Bar® SP Pump

Pneumatic PumpThis pneumatic pump system fits onto our Easy Bar® SP Pails. With lance lengths of 36”, 47”, 59”, or 79”, oilers maintain distance from potentially hazardous areas. It also reduces time of application (+ 2.0 lbs per minute application rate) and eliminates replacing/disposing of tube cartridges. Plant Air of 90-100 PSI is required.


Electric Grease Applicator R25-V/PwrLbr-20V_Ion

The Milwaukee 2646-22CT M18 Cordless 2-Speed Grease Gun delivers maximum pressure and unmatched versatility, offering an industry leading 10,000 PSI max operating pressure and a patent pending pre-set grease counter that allows service and maintenance professionals to dispense precise amounts of grease.  The tools stand up design and shoulder strap capability offer user convenience, while limiting fatigue and the 48 in. flexible hose offers greater accessibility when greasing hard to reach fittings.  The new tool is also compatible with a clear barrel accessory (49-19-2646). Powered by an M18 REDLITHIUM Battery pack, this is the industrys only 18V grease gun thats battery is compatible with a system of tools. The kit includes the new multi-voltage charger, so you can charge all M12 and M18 lithium-ion batteries with one charger.



EASY BAR® SP (Spray)


1 Case of Twenty (20), 20oz Cartridges


35 lb Pail 


120 lb Keg


500 lb Drum