Easy Bar® for Rotary Kiln and Dryer Lubrication


Easy Bar® is an OEM Kiln Lubricant for Andritz and Metso Kilns.

Easy Bar® is utilized by all major kiln manufacturers including Polysius, Humbolt Wedag, Metso, Andritz, FLSchmidt.

Easy Bar Insertion Instructions (PDF)


What is Easy Bar®- Graphite Lubricant for Kiln Tire-Bore?

Easy Bar® is a solid bar high-temperature kiln lubricant that is inserted between the kiln tire bore and kiln shell. As Easy Bar® melts the graphite and copper distributes precisely to the areas needed.

Easy Bar® is your best solution to reduce the wear of the filler bar surface and the riding ring bore while also reducing the scoring of the stop blocks and riding ring.

Filler bars are a vital component to Kiln Shell Life. Properly maintained and lubricated they allow the riding ring to float during thermal expansion during operating conditions. Excessive wear of the filler bars could cause high ovality conditions and possible misalignment of riding ring to kiln shell. Easy Bar®'s protective coating lengthens the life of the Filler Bars.


Top Benefits of Easy Bar® Kiln Lubricant

  1. 100% Lubricant Composition: Every ounce of Easy Bar® is utilized for maximum lubrication. No fillers. No waxes. No waste.
  2. Extend Kiln Life by 50%. Protects the kiln and stop blocks while eliminating breakage of filler bar welds.
  3. Save Money on Maintenance! Reduces the wear that results from scoring of the inside bore of riding ring.
  4. High-Temp Ensures No Flame Ups! Auto-ignition point +1000F and 538C. 
  5. Highest Quality for Fewer Applications Highest graphite content of any other tire bore lubricant.
  6. Environmentally Safe! Easy Bar® completely evaporates leaving no sticky residue, no waste and no harmful chemicals traces.
  7. Quick and Simple! No mixing or preparation time needed.
  8. Easy To Apply! Easy Bar® installs in one kiln revolution which increases employee productivity while reducing their exposure to hazardous environments.
  9. Over 15 Years of Proven Field-Performance! Make sure your lube bars say “Easy Bar® Kiln Tire Lube” to ensure optimal performance.
  10. Superior Customer Service Same Day Shipping Available  / Rapid Response


Why do Maintenance Managers and Reliability Engineers Depend on Easy Bar®?

  1. Cost savings are realized immediately in extending replacement part life greater than 50% and higher while reducing maintenance costs. Filler Bars & Wear Pads last significantly longer.
  2. Labor costs are lowered by reducing lubricant application time down to less than 1 minute a week for each tire.
  3. Longer equipment life means savings to repair filler bar weld fractures and replacement of filler bars. Typically $20,000 to $60,000 per tire section.
  4. Easy Bar® prevents against “unscheduled downtime” which ultimately can shut down a plant and halt production.
  5. 100% Lubricant for 100% Effectiveness! No Flame-ups, No Messy or Sticky Residues, No Fillers, No Waste.
  6. Applies easily by hand or with an LUBRICATOR - Easy Bar® insertion tool.