BAL-200® - Bearing Assembly Lubricant

Turbine Manufacturers Agree that BAL-200®:

  • Creates Balance, Align & Lift for the turbine rotor's shaft and bearing surfaces of during assembly and maintenance.
  • Provides superior lubrication for the bearing surfaces of turbines during assembly and maintenance.
  • Ensures a Smooth and Effortless rotation of the Turbine Shaft during Overhauls and Outages.
  • Fully Compatible with Most Turbine Service Oils** (see below).
  • Eliminates the Potential for Replacing “Contaminated” Oil within your Circulating System that Can Result from other methods.
  • Trusted by Turbine Manufacturers: General Electric, Mitsubishi Power Systems, Alstom and Siemens-Westinghouse.


 Case Study for Creation of BAL-200® (pdf)


 BAL-200® ONE-SHEET (pdf)

** The BAL-200® is compatible with all Petroleum-based fluids (Groups I, II, III), Synthetic Hydrocarbons / PAO's (Group IV).

Contact us should your turbine's oil differ from the categories listed to confirm compatibility.


BAL-200® Product code Contents Case Dimensions Shipping Wt.


(12x) 1 Quart bottles per case 12" x 12" x 10"

28 lbs/case



(4x) 1 Gallon bottles per case 12" x 12" x 15"

31 lbs/case


Apply as needed to coat shaft surface.


BAL-200® Also Services:
Fan Bearings Maintenance - ID (Induced Draft), FD (Forced Draft), PA (Primary Air)
Support Bearings Maintenance for Plain Bearings, Sleeve Bearings, and Journal Bearings



Read What Field Experts Had to Say About BAL-200®


"Our turbine crew first learned of your product on a turbine overhaul last fall and were very impressed with its rotor lifting ability while reassembling the turbine and performing bump checks(thrust checks)."

Public Power Company Engineer


"I have used the BAL-200 since May on every assignment with fantastic results...Most sites have requested your address from me so they can order for their own use on other equipment. After seeing it used on our unit and how it worked, they were sold."

Siemens Energy Field Engineer



"We're recommending it for our 7F outages, works well on our rotor for thrust checks and clearance checks when we don’t have lift oil capability. Thanks."

GE Power Services Technician


"We have recently used your BAL-200 lubricant for alignment of our Turbine Rotors, and were quite pleased with its performance."

Maintenance Planner PPL Corps



"I just returned from a Turbine/Blower overhaul project. We used BAL-200 on the reassembly with outstanding results. After 2-3 days of the rotor setting at rest, the skilled craft foreman was able to rotate the massive rotor with only using his fingers on the wheel. He was shocked, because usually after setting at rest for even a couple hours, the oil wedge has to be re-established before unit rotates freely. In addition, once the rotor was set in motion, it continued to rotate freely as it coasted to a stop. The client's operators were pleasantly surprised at the minimal steam required to initially break the rotor free from the rest position and set in motion."

Siemens Energy Field Engineer




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