Easy Bar® Recycling made Easy

Easy Bar® offers all of our customers the option to return the empty plastic trays to us at no charge so that we may recycle them.

Easy Bar® comes packaged in 5 plastic trays per case. These plastic trays protect the Easy Bar® during shipment. In an effort to help our customers reduce waste, we have created Easy Bar® Recycle.

Recycling Steps:

  1. Use Easy Bar® as instructed with a typical frequency of 4 or 5 Easy Bars® per tire per week.
  2. As empty plastic trays accumulate, place them in any empty Easy Bar® case. Each Easy Bar® case will hold up to 20 plastic trays.
  3. Contact sales@easybarlube.com and we will email you a UPS return label to print and place on the outside of an Easy Bar® case once the case contains 15-20 empty plastic trays.
  4. Your regular UPS ground service can pick up the box and they will return it to us.

We hope that you will join us in our Easy Bar® Recycle initiative and help us look after our environment. Contact us with any questions about this program.

 Easy Bar® Recycling made Easy (PDF)