Easy Bar® High-Temp (HT) Spec Sheet

Easy Bar Rotary Kiln and Dryer High-Temp (HT) Lube


Easy Bar Rotary Kiln Lube consists of a special high temp auto-ignition point synthetic thickener with organic and metallic solid film-forming components. Easy Bar Rotary Kiln Lube deposits its solid film forming components into the surface of the filler bars and ring bore to assure maximum protection from cold welding or galling in an easy to apply form for this severe high temperature application.


This product is specifically designed for application on the Stop Block, Riding Ring and Filler Bars of Horizontal Calciners, Rotary Kilns and Dryers. Easy Bar is easily inserted between the filler bars where it melts and releases the high temperature solid lubricants. The product's high solids content fills the surface imperfections resulting in a smoother bore surface, lower friction and less wear. The improved lubrication between filler bars and riding rings reduces weld fractures at filler bars and kiln shell interface, contributing to extend shell and refractory service.



Solids Content:
40% Typical
Melting Point:
Auto-Ignition Point:
Smooth Hard
Cone Penetration for Base @ 77℉:
13 Max
Flash Point (COC):


Please Note:
These are typical specifications and are subject to manufacturing tolerances.

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