Your Solution for Riding Ring & Filler Bar Lubrication


  • Replaces the antiquated lubrication products that can catch fire at typical kiln shell temperatures.
  • Reduces the application time and frequency required with traditional rotary equipment lubrication methods.
  • Is protected by U.S. and international patents.
  • Is the only melting lube bar that does not auto-ignite at less than 1000℉.
  • Contains no chlorine, bromine, or other halogens that create health risks at high temperatures.
  • Inserts between the filler bars or kiln shell and riding rings of rotary kilns and dryers.
  • Melts and releases temperature tolerant solid lubricants that reduce friction and wear as kiln rotates, expands, and contracts.
  • Installs in one revolution of the kiln, reducing workers’ exposure to hostile environments.
  • Reduces costly wear that results from scoring of the inside bore of the Riding Ring.
  • Eliminates breakage of filler bar welds and retards wear of filler bars and stop blocks.
  • Requires only one application per week versus two or three times a week as suggested with other lubrication methods.
  • Increases employee productivity - application takes a fraction of the time of other methods.