Worldwide Distributors of the Easy Bar®


Easy Bar® is sold around the world!

We have distributors positioned all over the world to supply you with Easy Bar® products.

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Seeking Distributors

To meet the demand for Easy Bar® internationally, we are seeking reputable and established companies in select areas of the world to inventory, re-sell, and distribute Easy Bar® products. If you are interested in becoming an international distributor of Easy Bar® in your country, please contact us today.

 Potential Customer Base Industries:

Cement  |  Chemical  |  Pulp & Paper

Minerals  |  Lime  |  Beverage


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Benefits of becoming an Easy Bar Distributor

Easy Bar® provides you with a superior product that your customers will use, consume, and restock on a consistent basis.

Distributor Benefits:

  1. Discounted Distributor Pricing based on volume
  2. Internationally Patented
  3. Marketing literature (PDFs) outlining features and benefits provided
  4. All inquiries received from your "territory" will be funneled to you
  5. Market Research of your "territory"
  6. Customer base is internationally known
  7. Easy Bar has over 20 years of meeting and exceeding the needs of our customer
  8. Technical Service/Support available to answer any questions