What Easy Bar Lube Customers Have Said


"Your product has perfect fit, it is much more resistant to heat and fire than the previous product that they were using, and does a really good job (as it seems from Monday that they first applied it). Moreover, it has a nice and well shaped appearance and doesn't leave dirt on hands as the previous one. Generally, the quality of the product is obvious in many ways and very satisfying in its lubrication cause."

Titan - Maintenance Manager



"This is an excellent opportunity to see the bars in action. I will work to see if we can have these entered into the budget for 2010 for a couple of tires on each kiln. With the prospect of building a new kiln in a couple years we are VERY interested in using correct lubrication for the new installation and building the habit and culture of not using kerosene as a mixing agent (current practice). We are very impressed with the product and were able to use it on all piers. (Many of our piers have different pad / retaining ring configurations)."

Lafarge North America - Improvement Engineer



"I can recommend this product with confidence. This is an indispensable tool for modern maintenance of the rotary kilns. Safe and easy to use, if you want to extend life of your kiln's tyres try it."

R&D Manager at ZMP Industry Machine Engineering



"Easy Bar is the best melting bar available in the market. Easy Bar has changed the way Rotary Kilns Tyres are lubricated. The highest performance: safe, quick, environmentally safe, and simple to help reduce maintenance cost."

Managing Partner - Mareche Distribucion, S.L.



"The lube blocks are working great."

Chemical Lime Natividad Engineer



"My Maintenance person is very pleased with the easy bars. He said that they work Great. Thanks for your help."

Roanoke Cement Maintenance Department



"I received the lube bars this morning and have placed them in our #4 kiln. At first glance, they appear to be a good quality product and I was glad to see they didn’t flame up on our firing end of the kiln. I think this is something that will work very well in our application."

Graymont Lime Engineer



"They have allowed our kiln and coolers to float freely on the tires which is a great improvement due to the fact that the tires were binding on axial float in the past. Likewise, I haven’t witnessed an acceleration in radial creep."

Carbo Ceramics Plant Engineer



"We've had a good experience with the Easy Bars. Our oiler likes them since they are easy to carry and place in the kiln tire."

CEMEX Plant Engineer